Finding Your Voice

This is a response to the word prompt “Voice” by “The Daily Post.”

Do you have thoughts and opinions on things? Do you believe very strongly a certain way?  Of course, you do everyone does. What about actually expressing those thoughts and beliefs? Do you share them with others, anyway and where you can? If not, then why not? Thoughts and opinions are to be shared with others, especially in a free society. It is how we as individuals and as a society evolve, by sharing our thoughts. By doing so, we are able to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what needs improvement

In today’s world, with the internet and blogs, there is really no excuse to not share one’s views on things. For one, it is so much easier than it used to be before such tools became available. When you have a thought or view, write it down and share it. For one thing, when you write, you are not only sharing your thoughts; but are further developing them. Writing is one of the best ways to find your voice in sharing viewpoints because it can and is so detailed oriented. When you have a conversation or make a video presentation, yes, you can give a lot of information, but not nearly the amount nor the vividness that writing does. 

When I write and share my thoughts, it is very relaxing and puts things into a whole new and deeper perspective. Writing, no matter what it is that I am writing about, opens a whole new world for me and just makes my thoughts so much clearer and precise. Thoughts get more developed through writing and sharing them because they are no longer just bunched together in one’s (my) head, but are put together in a way that makes sense to other people and can be either be added to or subtracted.

Plus, if I do not write/share about what is on my mind, I will never find out if have good ideas or not. What is the point of having thoughts if they are not shared with the world. When you write you share your thoughts and viewpoints, when you share those ideas, you become part of a broader discussing on how to improve this world that we live in and thus make and impact on it. For me, writing and sharing my thoughts is as a part of living as breathing is and without such I might as well be dead. I cannot ever imagine not having my voice be heard nor having a voice.

There is perhaps one other thing to consider for having one’s voice be heard through writing. It only takes a couple well placed, deep meaning words to strike a cord and change the world. With just one word, provided it is the right word in the right context, you can start a movement, or even end a movement. Your voice can be and is a very powerful weapon when put into words. 

Asking For Help, Helps

This is a response to the word prompt “Help” from “The Daily Post.”

Why is it that we all seem to have a problem asking for help? Most people don’t ever have a problem giving help when it is asked of them, yet those same people themselves are always reluctant to ask for help when they need it. Why is this the case? What is it that makes one person so happy to give help to another and at the same time receive some help in return?

For me, it is most likely to do with being vulnerable to others. With, offering our help, it is relatively easy because we want to be helpful, we don’t like seeing others struggle. But when it comes to asking for help ourselves, it most likely means we could really need the help and that means we are in a vulnerable position.

We do not like to advertise our vulnerabilities and let them be seen by others. We somehow think that if we ask for help we are saying that we are weak and insignificant. However, this is not true, it is not being weak to ask for help but just the opposite, it is being very strong to ask for help. When we ask for help we let others see all sides of ourselves and yes, we do so with some vulnerability, but in a good way that is liberating for us. Asking for help is also a very humbling experience for it teaches us that we can’t do everything ourselves, but do need help with a lot of things in life, but that is ok.

If we find it difficult to ask for help from fellow human beings, then we find it nearly impossible to ask for help a lot of times from God. If asking for help from a regular person requires vulnerability just picture how much asking God does.  This is especially true in today’s world where we don’t want to be seen by others as putting faith in otherworldly powers such as the divine.

The thing is that just as there is no reason not to ask a fellow human being for help there is even less not to ask God. It is even more, liberating asking God for help than when we ask a person. Actually, I would make the case that when we ask for help from someone we are actually asking God. Both are humbling experiences and require great courage and afterwards makes us feel a little better.

So remember the next time you find yourself needing to ask for help, just jump in and ask. Don’t think about it, asking for help does indeed help in more ways than one. Asking for help makes you stronger not weaker, especially if the person you are asking is God.


Everything Has A Price

This is a response to the word prompt “Price” by “The Daily Post.”

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” This widely known quote from while it is not exactly known from whom at least as far as I could find, is not given the amount of respect that it deserves for stating such a profound, obvious and overlook truth. Nothing in this world is free no matter what the advertisement says. There is always a price of some kind, even if it is not obvious or immediate.

Price is a natural part of life, it is one of those things that teaches us that there is a consequence to our actions whether good or bad. By having to pay the price, we are kept from having too much of any one thing, good or bad. Actually, what the price is, is moderation. A little of this, a little of that, but not too much of this here. 

Yes, everything has a price and a lot of times we think the price is too high and we bemoan having to pay it yet, at the same time if the fundamental nature of price were to suddenly  disappear, I think we would regret in the long run not having it. If price were removed from the equation, if there really was such a thing as a free lunch, that would bring about chaos. Chaos because we would no longer be constrained in, anything we do or the things we get for ourselves and our friends and family. For example, I will for desert, have only one piece of chocolate cake because any more will make me fat or give me an upset stomach, yet at the same time, the limiting to just one slice makes me appreciate and enjoy the cake more. Without price/consequence, we are not able to take stock of what we have in life and to enjoy it.

So remember the next time you are complaining about the price of something, everything, including price has its place in the sun and that without it, life will just not be the same nor as enjoyable. We need price more than we realize and appreciate. And of course, like it or not the price is here to stay and everything, whatever it is, has a price.

Give Just A Drop of Love

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Drop” by “The Daily Post.”

If you are a Christian; then one of the main tenets of your beliefs is the love of God and the showing of that love through individual human beings and human acts. God loves us, each and every one of us so much that when we acknowledge that love, we are compelled to return that love to him. How do we return our love to God? By showing God’s love to others and by sharing that love.

The rub is how could we share God’s love with others; when his love is such an abundance of love that we as humans could never match. We can never match the love of God, no matter how much we may strive to. The thing is, we don’t have to match his love only a drop, a tiny drop of love and God will do the rest. You see, we experience God’s love the most through the good acts of others. So when we do even just the simplest acts of kindness, such as helping a lady across the street or carrying a bag of groceries when it was not expected, God will magnify that kindness.

By giving just a drop of the love that we get from God back to others, we are actually giving an endless treasure of infinite worth. That’s all it takes, just a second or two out of your daily routines, to make someone else’s day/life better when things are not going their way. And when you do this, showing God’s love, even just a drop, not only are you given a whole lot you are also getting a whole lot in return, not money or trinkets but something better more of God’s love. This, in turn, makes you keep giving more drops or more of God’s love to others making them experience his love and they themselves will share it with others. This, in turn, enriches the world and all in it; it helps to heal the world of all the wrongs in it.

As Jesus Christ teaches us, the best way to combat evil in this world would be to have a society of people loving and caring for one another in the love of God. By just doing a few helpful and good/decent things here and there whenever the opportunity strikes; by just giving just a drop of love to others, we make the world a better place and keep evil at bay. By the way, this message is not just for Christians but for all peoples who just want to help others and make the world a better place. You do not need to believe in God to share his love with others, although it makes it easier when you do and have experienced his love yourself.

A Misstep Is Not The End Of The World

This is a response to the one word prompt “Misstep” by “The Daily Post.”

Everyone makes mistakes, that is a fact of life. In fact, it is a truth that throughout one’s life he/she will make/have several mistakes, big or small. It is not about the mistakes one has that makes or breaks them, but how one deals with them in the aftermath. We cannot allow our missteps to define us and hold us down. We must remember that it is by our missteps that we learn and grow and without them we do not. Actually, though we never think about it,  as they happen, but having missteps is really a good thing for us.

If this is the case; if missteps are actually a good thing for us because they make us learn, why do we always have such a negative view of them and ourselves when they happen? It is because we do not like to lose or be in the wrong. There is also the possibility that deep down we all have just a touch perfectionism in us; a need to have things just right. So when we have a misstep, we immediately focus our minds on the negative side. We don’t ask ourselves how we can improve or what we could of, done right let alone what we did do right in order to be better next time. We only focus on what we did wrong. 

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and say to ourselves, “Ok, I may have made this or that mistake, but at least, I did this right and next time it will be better.” When you have a misstep and you will no matter what it is, just take a deep breath and remember that it is not the end of the world and realize that perhaps you could learn (how you could learn) from the experience. Don’t focus on the mistake its self, but on the reason for the mistake and what could have been done to avoid such. That is a much more constructive way to deal with your misstep. Also, remember everyone makes them, no matter how good they are in what they do or in life in general; missteps will always happen to people.

Let life Flow

This is a response to the word prompt post “Flow” by “The Daily Post.”

We all have our good times and our bad times in life. Like I said in a reply to another blog post, life is like the stock market with its ups and downs and we just have to, ride out the downs. I remember when my dad died in 2010; when my mom told me as soon as I got home, I was in shock basically. However, I was able to get through this tough time in my life by getting back into my college classes and just get back to a normal flow. By doing this not only was I able to deal with the pain of losing my father, but I was especially more able to remember all the good memories I had of him and this further helped me.

Whenever I had a family emergency or someone in my family just needed me abruptly that it just threw a monkey wrench in my normal life’s routine, I always just tried my best to just respond and do what was needed to help out and then let things roll and get back on track in their own time. Oh sure it was never easy and there have been plenty of times that I would get upset, whether that be sadness, fear, or anger, but those emotions had been almost always usually very brief (but strong) and then gone in an hour or two.

The point is that I have learned (am still learning) to let things happen as they may and to just make the best of it all and get through it. Though it is not easy, not at all, but it is the best thing for me at least in the long run. If I remain on the negative, too long, if I allow my emotions to take over whenever the worst happens in life; I am not able to properly deal with the issues presented.

Life is not without challenges, and when you do have them, especially the loss of a loved one, remember that things happen for a reason and they will all turn out ok in the end; if you let them. It is ok to be sad or angry or whatever, just try not to let those emotions take over and run your life. 

What Is Your Legacy?

This is a response to the word post “Legacy” by “The Daily Post.”

Throughout all of human history, people have been consumed with leaving a legacy, a lasting impact upon the world to be remembered by. This has been in either really simple way, such as having and raising a next generation (heirs) to the elaborate and extreme of the Ancient Egyptians and their building of the pyramids. If you look at pretty much every single civilization throughout history, almost all of them have done something or left something that has been long remembered and admired. Yet, at the same time, another thing that the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations and pretty much every reviled people/person, in history have in common is that they did not actually start out doing what made them remembered to be remembered. Or at least, they did not do so with that being at the forefront of their minds or as their main goals.

Every lasting legacy was made by people or civilizations going out into the world with specific purposes and goals in mind. The effect of actually leaving a legacy came as an aftereffect. Look at the Ancient Egyptians and the building of the pyramids, they built them, not necessarily as legacies; though they were that, but as resting places for their Pharaohs to help them on the journey to the afterlife. Look at some of the great conquerors of history, such as Alexander the Great to Napoleon; great leaders such as Churchhill, Lincoln, Reagan and so forth. All the people have one thing in common, that is  that they weren’t focused on leaving a legacy, but that they went out and did things.

The lesson is that if you want to have a legacy to leave behind in this world? If you want to be remembered or have something you did, remembered? If you want to make something meaningful out of your life, then you need to go do something or be a part of something other than yourself. You also need to do this without actually planning to be remembered. Go out and join a cause or make a new cause yourself, help others, write a book, be a part of your community, whatever it is you do, you need to put your all into it and to do it regardless of how things turn out in the end. Don’t be concerned with the legacy stuff or what comes long after the moment, just the here and the now.

Those who leave legacies, don’t do so by being focused on the legacies themselves, but on the things that need to be done. You will never leave a legacy if you are so focused on it that you don’t actually go and do something or supply something. I know that is a hard thing to do, after all, we all want to make something of ourselves and to be remembered in some way. But this is how legacies are made, by not trying to make them but by letting them just come into being. Go and do what it is you want to do and let life take care of the rest.