The Endless Sky

Sky 01

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Sky” by “The Daily Post.”

The Sky is such a limitedness joy to stare at in all its wonders. I love to just sit outside and just stare up into the sky both on a clear sunny day and at night, but also sometimes even on a cloudy day. Why do I enjoy this so much? Because there is just something sublime and majestic about it all. It also helps me to keep and put things back into perspective about life. And that is that life is more than just what goes on around me and is bigger than me.

The sky in all its vastness and beauty is very humbling for me, it keeps me in my propel role and place in the grand schemes of the universe. What I particularly love is looking at and taking in a very good sunset and sunrise. The contrast in colors and light is just so overwhelming, but also calming.

Whenever you find yourself just so busy with everyday stuff to do and are not enjoying life, go outside and look up into the sky and really look. It just puts you in a different mood, a thinking and reflective mood. It reminds you of just how small you are, but in a good way. When we take the time to enjoy the simplest of things in life, those things that we have around us all the time, but usually don’t give much thought to, we can get a whole new outlook on life.

To appreciate the sky in all its beauty and endlessness is to appreciate life in all its vastness and beauty. That is why I love to just look at the sky, because it fills me with such wonder for life and God’s creation. Yes, God created you and me but he also created everything in the universe, and to stare into the sky and really, I mean really take it all in, is to love that creation and be reminded of it constantly.

Do You Have A Life Purpose?

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Purpose” by “The Daily Post.”

To have a purpose in one’s life is something that everyone wants. It is a desire that seems to be engraved in the human spirit/DNA throughout history. That something that drives us to do something more with our lives. Merriam-Webster gives three definitions for purpose, the reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something, the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something, and the aim or goal of a person: what a person is trying to do, become, etc. All three of these definitions are applicable to what one wants for their life.

To live is to have a purpose, and in order to live we need a purpose. We humans have a deep seeded need to make something with our lives. Its why throughout history we have built monuments, temples, great cities and more. It is also why every culture and human civilization since the beginning has in some form or another believed in a divine being or beings.

The human search for a life purpose is not just a search for something to do with one’s life and to leave behind but a search for meaning of why we are here on this Earth. For us humans, who are always searching, always questioning, always asking why, it is not enough that we exist and are here, we need to know why. Whether it be from religion, science, or both we seek to know our purpose as well as have a purpose for life.

So what is your purpose in life, do you have one? If not why not, are you still searching for one? How are you searching for your purpose? We all have our purpose for this life, we just have to find out what it is and why we where put here into existence. Once you know what your purpose for life is, you find that life is so much more bearable and well livable. So find your life purpose.

We Keep Getting Angry

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Angry” by “The Daily Post.”

Everyone gets angry at some points in life. Unfortunately, it is part of our human emotions that no matter how hard we try we can never completely get rid of it. Throughout one’s life  there seems to be an endless array of subjects that have and will get someone’s anger boiling. Each time somebody gets angry about something, he/she will do something about what upsets him/her, and predictably that anger would cause one to overreact and a lot of times making things worse instead of better.

No matter how many times we get angry at different things and how many times we learn from our experiences, we still can’t seem to completely do away with the emotion anger. Even when we take steps to always remain calm in all situations and even for some in extreme conditions take anger management courses, there will always be that one instance that gets us just so frustrated or angry that we will lose our cool or at least some semblance of it.

We can never seem to banish the feeling of anger for good, it will always come back and in true form with a “vengeance” at times. I think the lesson to this is that we need to realize that we cannot control any of our emotions let alone anger. The best we can do is “manage” them; for managing one’s anger there are three main ways to do so, hiding it, releasing, and getting rid of it. For me I go with the third option or try to, whenever I start to get angry and are reacting to that anger I move to remove the conditions that made me angry by cooling off and then returning to the situation or problem.

Regardless of how one chooses to “manage” their anger when it shows its ugly head, I do believe it is important that they realize the need to “manage” it and not solve it or kill it. When one does show, he/she will at once notice the effects of anger when experiencing it. This is defiantly the case for me, when I do experience it, because I have always resolved to just manage it, it is more quick to abide and is less effecting of me and my actions.

So the next time you find your self in a situration where your anger is getting the best of you, remember that anger like all emotions will always exist and is there for a reason and that a little anger can and often is healthy if used the right way. Don’t try to destroy anger, instead learn to live with it and it will be less impactful. We all have and experience anger at some point whether in small or large amounts. What matters is how we handle it not that we have it.


Life Can Be A Circus

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This is a response to the one-word prompt “Circus” by “The Daily Post.”

If you have ever been to a circus and seen all the animals, the acrobats,  the acts, the sights and smells; you know that it can all be a little overwhelming as it is exciting. That in my view pretty much describes life in general. It can be exciting, scary, a lot of different smells and attractions, but above all life can and often is very overwhelming at times.

Actually, the more I think about it as I write this the I realize that yes life is very much like a circus, no it is a circus. Think about, just about any one of life’s many experiences can be compared to what one experiences at a real live circus. There is the crowds at a circus to dealing with others every day of one’s life to nothing happening in a vacuum. The second one really strikes me, for just as almost all of what you will experience at a circus will come together to give you the feelings of awe that you take away from a circus so to, is it with life’s experience.

One’s life is offten filled with so many challenges and obstacles that you can easily be just “flooded” at times, yet at the same time you can be given these moments that just wow you and make you realize that life is very much worth it. Life is amazing that way in just all that it can offer you and throw at you. This is also the case with a circus, with everything that goes on at a circus, it can be very hard to take it all in, yet you still get blown away by some of what you experience, either it is a certain act or to just something as simple as the smells you encounter.

Above all, the one thing that really makes life a circus is that both a circus and life can just be plain crazy at times; amazing but crazy. You first go to a circus and can be immediately overwhelemed by all you see/experience that you are not quite sure what your first move is. So to, is it with life, sometimes you experience so much at any given time that you just don’t know what to do. No matter it being the circus or life, sometimes you just need to not worry about what you are going to do or how to do it and just enjoy the ride. Life is a circus; enjoy it while you can!