Are You Radical?

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Radical” by “The Daily Post.”

In today’s world and society, to be or called radical does not come with great undertones. But what exactly is being radical? According to Merriam-Webster radical means to be very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary, very basic and important, or having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people. Radical is all that and much more. To be radical to just be different, to think “outside the box” and to think things through, (critical thinking).

To be radical is neither good nor bad, but just is. It rather depends on the how and the way for the radical behavior that makes it good or bad. It is one’s reasons for being radical that matter, not the radicalness its self. The results of the radical behavior on the rest of society also matter. Do the radical beliefs and actions, in the long run, make our society as a whole better or worse? A very important point here is to note that it is not whether you believe your radical notions will improve society, but rather if they actually do, (the ends never justify the means).

Radical is nothing more than new ideas and new ways of thinking; whether those ideas be for good or ill, being radical does serve a very important purpose in society and the human race. This has always been the case, and will always be the case. Some of the most unspeakable evil acts in human history have been committed in the name of radical beliefs   (progress) yet so have some of the most beneficial acts and events have happened too in the name of so-called radical beliefs.

I speak of perhaps the idea that all humans are created equal in the name of God, or perhaps the economic ideas and improvements that lead to the Industrial Revolution; an event that has done more than anything else in human history to lift out of poverty and improve the human condition. Those two things I think most now would view as a net positive, but in the beginning were quite radical. 

So are you radical? Do you have believes that while are not excepted or popular with others, you nonetheless think will help improve society and the world in the long run? If so, what are they, and have you actually thought through whether or not they are good or bad or indeed even practical? Whether you are radical or not, remember it is the results that make your radicalness good or bad, so don’t be discourage by being called radical. History may just be on your side or it may absolutely tear you down.

Reaching For The Moon

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Moon” by “The Daily Post.”

When was the last time you or someone you knew reached for your/their “moon” and achieved something really great that was very fall out of reach? When was the last time the United States as a country, as a society reached for the “moon” again? That is, when has the goal of doing something, reset the bar for achievement? A problem that I see in today’s world is that hardly anyone is really trying to achieve big things anymore.

Oh sure things are still being made that change the world around them and new technology is coming out all the time now, but it’s not something really new, new.  The bar of success hardly moves higher anymore.  Going back to the original moon landing; when the United States as a nation set out to do so by a certain deadline and did do so, that changed the bar for success and greatness. It wasn’t that before great things were not ever done or achieved, just that the expectation of what could be done had changed.

We have not really seen that kind of “reaching for the moon” achievement in quite some time, at least I have not. This fact is not good for society in the long run because it is the bigger achievements in life that enable and encourage all other achievements. You don’t believe me, let’s go back to the Moon Landing and the rest of the Space Race during the Cold War. 

Think of all the technological breakthroughs for everyday life that resulted both from the original technology needed for the Moon landing and all other achievements in the Space Race and just humans going to space, as well as the emotional impact of said achivements. It was not so much the new technology and knowledge that resulted from such achievements but the emotional heigh that resulted that mattered. 

This here is key, for in life whether it is the individual or society as a whole, we all get the majority of our inspiration for new ideals from watching, seeing, and hearing about the success of other great ideals that turn into great achievements such as the moon landing. We as humans crave, no need to have inspiration to fuel our ideals, to motivate us. By seeing something very big and life changing be done that was once unthinkable, we are then challenged to do more. We then know what is possible if only we reach for it. It is only our admigenations and will or lack of such that hold us back. 

Again I am not saying that we as a society and as individuals are no longer making great strives and success in live in all its aspects, just that we have been living off of emotional high of past great succes for to long and that we are over do for a new boost in spirit. We need something that will once again reset the bar for succes, that will encourage us to do more and enchive more for not only ourselves but for the greater society. So if you have an idea go out and pursue it and perhaps one day it may very well turn into one of those life changing “great successes” that will change the world and enspire countless others to do the same. 



Are You A Coward?

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Cowardice” by “The Daily Post.”

Are you a coward, no seriously are you? And I am not talking about being afraid or scared or  anything of the such. Because we all are afraid of something in life, everyone gets scared sometimes. That is not what makes one a coward. Cowardice according to Merriam-Webster is fear that makes you unable to do what is right or expected: lack of courage. I would also add that cowardice is when fear drives you to do something you normally would not or is not expected of you.

To be a coward does not mean that you are afraid, but rather it means that you are letting your fear drive you and control you instead of you controlling the fear.  We all have fear, but that alone does not make us cowards, it is how we handle that fear that defines us. Why does the fireman run into a burning building to save a life? Does it mean that unlike you or me he is completely unafraid? No, not at all in fact I would wager that he is completely terrified, yet he goes in any way. He then shows that he has no cowardice in him because while he may have a lot of fear about running into the burning building, that fear does not control him nor stop him form doing so.

So once again I ask you, are you a coward or not? Do you control your fear or does it control you? Think of these questions the next time you find your self afraid or see someone being scared. Remember that fear does make a coward, but how one handles that fear does or does not. Fear is actually a good thing when managed rightly, for it can motivate us. It can drive us to go great things. But when it is not managed rightly it can also drives us to do terribly bad things as well. How do you manage your fear? Are you a coward?

The Meaning Of Rebellion; Happy Birthday, America

As we celebrate our Independence day, this day for the 240th time since the 13 United States declared independence from Great Britain, we need to remember why one rebels. To remember that rebellion cannot be taken lightly. We humans, rebel for a lot of reasons, because we are oppressed or we see others being oppressed. We rebel because we may see injustice in the world. There are also different levels of rebellion at one’s disposal, there is the violent kind, the peaceful and passive kind. But whatever the form it takes, it should never be taken lightly.

Rebellion according to Merriam-Webster is either an attempt by a group of people to overturn or change a government, open opposition to a person or group of authority, or going against the rules or standards of society. All of that is correct in telling what the act of rebellion is. But that does not explain exactly why one rebels or when rebellion is called for and exactly what type of rebellion is called for. 

When the 13 colonies decided to break away from Great Britain they did so at great risk and  at first very reluctantly. Even when fighting started after the Battles of Lexington and Concord, at first they just wanted there grievances solved. For them rebellion was a last choice kind of thing. It was not at all taken lightly, the act of rebellion by the 13 original states. But that is the thing that we as Americans, as the inheritors of 13’s act of rebellion and fight for independence need to remember, that it was not an easy thing to decide to rebel, let alone succeeding in it.

When we celebrate our independence and all the freedoms that we as Americans enjoy in this great country, we also need to remember just all the original sacrifice and thought that went into making it all possible. But above all we also must remember that no matter the form it takes, the act of rebellion is an act of change. Thus those doing the act of rebellion must have a clear idea of what that change is to look like, less they come to regret the change.

To rebel against an authority because one sees an injustice being done is not enough, one needs to know how they would make things not only different but better. Rebellion is never good, what is good about some rebellions are the results of rebellion. In order to have good results, one needs a clear and reachable vision.

So remember, America as you celebrate your 240th birthday, just why you had rebelled in the first place. Ask yourself was it a good result. I say it was and because it was, if I had to I would rebel again to protect the results of the original act of rebellion by the 13 original United States of America. Happy Birthday America, Happy Independence Day!




The Need For Summer

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Summer” by “The Daily Post.”

Ah, Summer, a time of plenty, plenty of Sunshine and heat that is! Summer has always been the time of year most looked forward to by humans throughout history.  For farmers, it is a time of harvest for their crops, and for children a break from school and a time to just have fun. It is the time of family vacations and relaxation. In a lot of ways, Summer is a time of renewal.

Summer is for recharging one’s “batteries” to get through the rest of the year and life in general. Now, of course, Summer is not all “sunshine and daisies” it does come with its own set of hardships just like any other time of the year. But overall I do believe Summer is a much-needed part of life’s existence and not only a bearable one but quite enjoyable as well.

Summer is as much about relaxing and having a good time as it is about preparing for the future. Just as with anything in life in good times you prepare for the worse, so is it with Summer. We as a society have this romantic view of Summer. We picture the family in a camper on the classic “road trip” and “outdoors.” To be truthful Summer does include those things and a lot more. But above all what anyone thinks about Summer, it is a much needed time.

Really, it is perhaps the most important of seasons in the year, besides the most looked forward to. Although I will say that I do wish the weather patterns were a little more predictable, instead of one day rain and the next sunshine and one week of rain and the next without and so on. But that is just a fact of life that one has to deal with and it still does not take away the importance nor the joy of Summer.

Do You Have A Life Purpose?

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Purpose” by “The Daily Post.”

To have a purpose in one’s life is something that everyone wants. It is a desire that seems to be engraved in the human spirit/DNA throughout history. That something that drives us to do something more with our lives. Merriam-Webster gives three definitions for purpose, the reason why something is done or used: the aim or intention of something, the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something, and the aim or goal of a person: what a person is trying to do, become, etc. All three of these definitions are applicable to what one wants for their life.

To live is to have a purpose, and in order to live we need a purpose. We humans have a deep seeded need to make something with our lives. Its why throughout history we have built monuments, temples, great cities and more. It is also why every culture and human civilization since the beginning has in some form or another believed in a divine being or beings.

The human search for a life purpose is not just a search for something to do with one’s life and to leave behind but a search for meaning of why we are here on this Earth. For us humans, who are always searching, always questioning, always asking why, it is not enough that we exist and are here, we need to know why. Whether it be from religion, science, or both we seek to know our purpose as well as have a purpose for life.

So what is your purpose in life, do you have one? If not why not, are you still searching for one? How are you searching for your purpose? We all have our purpose for this life, we just have to find out what it is and why we where put here into existence. Once you know what your purpose for life is, you find that life is so much more bearable and well livable. So find your life purpose.

Life Can Be A Circus

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This is a response to the one-word prompt “Circus” by “The Daily Post.”

If you have ever been to a circus and seen all the animals, the acrobats,  the acts, the sights and smells; you know that it can all be a little overwhelming as it is exciting. That in my view pretty much describes life in general. It can be exciting, scary, a lot of different smells and attractions, but above all life can and often is very overwhelming at times.

Actually, the more I think about it as I write this the I realize that yes life is very much like a circus, no it is a circus. Think about, just about any one of life’s many experiences can be compared to what one experiences at a real live circus. There is the crowds at a circus to dealing with others every day of one’s life to nothing happening in a vacuum. The second one really strikes me, for just as almost all of what you will experience at a circus will come together to give you the feelings of awe that you take away from a circus so to, is it with life’s experience.

One’s life is offten filled with so many challenges and obstacles that you can easily be just “flooded” at times, yet at the same time you can be given these moments that just wow you and make you realize that life is very much worth it. Life is amazing that way in just all that it can offer you and throw at you. This is also the case with a circus, with everything that goes on at a circus, it can be very hard to take it all in, yet you still get blown away by some of what you experience, either it is a certain act or to just something as simple as the smells you encounter.

Above all, the one thing that really makes life a circus is that both a circus and life can just be plain crazy at times; amazing but crazy. You first go to a circus and can be immediately overwhelemed by all you see/experience that you are not quite sure what your first move is. So to, is it with life, sometimes you experience so much at any given time that you just don’t know what to do. No matter it being the circus or life, sometimes you just need to not worry about what you are going to do or how to do it and just enjoy the ride. Life is a circus; enjoy it while you can!