America Comes Together In Spite Of Tragedy

This last Wednesday the 17th,
at a historically black church in Charlestown, South Carolina a lone gunman
gunned down nine worshipers after sitting for an hour with them during an
evening Bible study. This was truly a despicable evil act, yet at the same time
I see the good that has come of this mass killing.

The people of Charlestown and the rest of
South Carolina and indeed the rest of the nation came together in healing
and prayer and solidarity. Yes, there are a few Race baiters and those who
would wish to divide as the shooter wished to do, but they are few.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic
event, we had not only the city of Charlestown comes together in a united
showing of support for the families of the nine victims, but we also saw said
families offer forgiveness to the shooter. That right there is what it all
means to be a Christian.

When something bad and traumatic happens
to you, it is all too easy to let anger take over and to hold grudges. This in
the long run only harms not only you but also everyone around you and the whole
community. The fact that not only have all the victims families and that whole
church community effected was not only able to let go of any such anger but
come out and forgive the shooter right away, its self speaks volumes about
their character.

Despite how terrible and evil the
shooting of the nine were, it and other such evil acts does have good outcomes
in that they remind us that despite all our defenses we also have a whole lot
in common and that we are all human.

The shooter Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old
white man was motivated by race according to survivors and the police
investigation. His goal seems to have been to start a Race war. In this he did
not succeed. In fact, I would say that he did just the opposite; he brought the
whole city of Charlestown regardless of Race together as they mourn those who
died. This here is proof that the nation has come a long way from its troubled
past and has indeed made great strides in becoming a post racial society.

With how the whole city of Charlestown is
acting after the tragic shooting has inspired the rest of South Carolina and
the nation as a whole; it shows us many things, but above all it shows us that
good nay great things can and does happen despite and even because of bad/evil
things. Yes, evil exists in the world, but so too does good and in fact good
uses the bad to make things better. My heart and prayers go out to the families
and friends of the nine who were brutally struck down, God Bless!

Is Hillary Clinton Really Inevitable?

Scandal after scandal, news item after news
item, and nothing seems to stick to Hillary Clinton. Despite everything that
has come to light about her in the last few weeks she is still overwhelmingly
the Democratic nominee frontrunner and is increasingly viewed by many as the
future President of the United States. I recently stopped by to say hello to a
previous professor of mine yesterday, Dr. Brian Dometrovic who chairs the
history department at Sam Houston State University and teaches economic

In our talk, he said how several follow economists
and other associates of his have mentioned their beliefs/fears that she will
win. This despite the fact that they are Republican, vote Republican and have
and will donate and support Republicans. Brian also shares these thoughts about
Hillary and the Presidency. He did say that her victory is by no means “written
in the stars”, but that he does not see how the eventual Republican nominee
will be able to beat her, not with the current electoral vote count and current
lack of will in the Republican party to go after and campaign hard enough in
the blue states such as New York and California.

As he pointed out, as it is right now if
the Republicans where to follow the strategy of going after all the states that
George W. Bush got in 2004 they would have to get every single one, and just
losing one while that is it, Hillary wins.

That is no way to run and win a
presidential race, Republicans can win back the White House in 2016 and beat
Hillary in the process, but in order to do so they have to go after every state
as if it is up in the air. No state should be off limits in campaign efforts
and recourses. When running for President of the United States you cannot
half-ass it, you are either all in or all out with regards to the states you
hope to win.

Back to Hillary Clinton, yes I too have
very deep concerns that she will in the end win the Presidency and I too like
the others mentioned am a Republican, vote Republican, and donate/will donate
to Republicans. The concerns regarding Hillary’s victory for the White House
being inevitable is very real and understandable. For one, as mentioned nothing
seems to be able to stick to her. Yet, at the same time that I myself have
these concerns, I am also to a degree salivating at the prospect of her being
the Democratic nominee for President of the United States because I believe
That not only is she a very beatable candidate, but is perhaps the most beatable
one that the Democrats could possibly put forward.

I believe this because despite the fact
that all the scandals that have come forward have refused to stick to Hillary;
they are still having an impact if abet very slowly. They are also coming to
light one after the other nonstop. Almost every week something new about either
an existing scandal or a new one comes to light. This leads me to conclude that
instead of any one scandal killing her chance at the White House in one shot it will be
done slowly and drawn out as in “death by a thousand cuts.”

Another reason, is
that one thing that these last few weeks with the scandals coming to light has
shown us, is that she is not her husband. She is not as charismatic as Bill is.
Bill was able to survive his scandals when he was President because he was
still perceived as likable. This is not really the same with Hillary.

One thing that all these scandals does do
is that it offers up a pretty good portrait of what Hillary is like, one that
is not too flattering nor befitting of the Presidency of the United States. If
the Republicans are real serious about winning back the White House and whoever
the nominee turns out being goes after each and every sate and not just the
easy ones along with really going after Hillary on her record and pressing her
to answer tough questions about the scandals that have come to light so far
About her, then yes, they will win the White House in 2016 and no Hillary
Clinton is not inevitable.