So Iran Will Have Its Own Nuclear Inspectors

As the debate on whether or not to approve the Iran nuclear dear, that the Obama
administration and the rest of the Western World has worked out with Iran
continues, we learn just one other item that makes this deal such a bad deal for the West and a good one for Iran. Apparently, as one of the side agreements made
with Iran, they will be able to have and use their own inspectors for
inspecting their nuclear facilities and scientists. You know those inspections
that are to determine if Iran is holding up to its side of the deal and not
developing nuclear weapons or the capabilities to do so.

That kind of defeats the purpose of
having inspections in the first place if the ones being inspected, get to have
their own people do the inspecting. Kind of like the fox guarding the hen
house. What were the negotiating team
and Sectary of State John Kerry drinking during said negotiations? For that is
the only thing that would explain giving such a concession to the Iranians,
being drunk or just plain incompetent.

Look the deal with Iran is not a
very good one at all (while it is for Iran), the whole purpose behind the
nuclear talks in the first place, was to get Iran to admit and give up its
nuclear weapons ambitions and to make sure that they could not restart the program.
The talks were able to get started because of the punishing economic sanctions
put on Iran by the United States and the International community (i.e. The
West). What was suppose to happen was that we and everyone else would lessen
and eventually end those sanctions in return for Iran ending said nuclear
weapons programs and let inspectors in to make sure that they were playing

This did not happen at all,  from the beginning of the talks to the very end it was apparent to all that the Obama
administration and Sectary of State Kerry wanted a deal, any deal at all costs
for the sake of having a deal. They did not once get up and walk away from the
negotiating table, which is a pretty common practice in negotiations. It lets
the other side know that you are serious about what you want, no, need in order
to get a deal.

Because this did not happen and the
Obama administration was desperate for a deal, the Iranians were able to
extract concession after concession without giving up that much or anything at
all in return. I mean the overarching theme of the deal is not as it should be, that is keeping Iran from getting nuclear weapons, but mealy delaying them; all the restrictions
that Iran did agree to go away I believe it is in 10 years.

Of course, now we find out we can not
even be able to make sure that Iran is truthful about complying with its side
of the deal because they will be able to use their own inspectors on and in
their facilities. This deal with Iran is indeed a very bad deal as its critics
say and will not at all prevent Iran from getting the nuclear bomb. Instead of preventing war with Iran as President Obama and the deal supporters say, it all but guarantees, that there will be a war because it solves nothing of the underlying problems with Iran
and the rest of the world; lease of all the problem of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Relax and Take a Deep Breath!

Everyone now and then experiences times when they get over stressed about getting
something done or making sure some event goes well that they will start to rush
in whatever they are doing to the determent of those around them. I myself have
this problem a lot, and tend to take things very seriously, perhaps sometimes
too seriously.

The thing is when you start to rush or move too fast while you yourself may not exactly be panicking, you do project such to those around you, which will set them off edge. That is the last thing you want to do. Above all else, in whatever it is that you are
trying to accomplish or make sure gets done, you need to remain calm and
collected and pace yourself.

Besides potentially projecting panic to those around you, the rushing may cause you to not be aware exactly of everyone around you and perhaps bump into them or just not treat them right. This of course, is bad for it is not how we would normally treat someone and
gives someone the false impression that you do not care for them, which of course is not true.

This last Sunday, I had such an experience at my church service. Before the service was to start there was some last minute planning for the service, of it being a regular service with a communion like we have every Sunday for just a morning prayer service because
our Priest for the that Sunday did not show up.

In the end everything worked out and we had a very good service, but still when we first realized that the Priest was not coming myself and the other LEM that was to conduct the prayer service started organizing how it was to be done and when I was going back in forth to do a couple things and make sure everything was in place I was moving a little
too fast.

A friend even told me the slow down so I would not worry the rest of the congregation. After that I was pretty much in control of myself, but as it turned out before that point I had already made a small mistake. A little after the morning prayer service a member of the congregation came up to let me know that apparently during my rushing around I
had bumped into her without even realizing it.

This of course, had upset her, though in the end was not that big a deal since she did know me and no harm was done, and at first was not planning on even telling me about it but in the end figured that I needed to know. Which I did and am glad she did tell me, from that experience above all else lead me to realize that I really needed to learn to just take
a deep breath and relax and realize that things will work themselves out.  It is ok to take things seriously and in fact, that is a good thing, but there is also a thing as being too serious, which I tend to be a lot and I am sure others do to. While that is ok, just remember to always pace yourself and let things work out as you carry out your duties.