Are You A Coward?

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Cowardice” by “The Daily Post.”

Are you a coward, no seriously are you? And I am not talking about being afraid or scared or  anything of the such. Because we all are afraid of something in life, everyone gets scared sometimes. That is not what makes one a coward. Cowardice according to Merriam-Webster is fear that makes you unable to do what is right or expected: lack of courage. I would also add that cowardice is when fear drives you to do something you normally would not or is not expected of you.

To be a coward does not mean that you are afraid, but rather it means that you are letting your fear drive you and control you instead of you controlling the fear.  We all have fear, but that alone does not make us cowards, it is how we handle that fear that defines us. Why does the fireman run into a burning building to save a life? Does it mean that unlike you or me he is completely unafraid? No, not at all in fact I would wager that he is completely terrified, yet he goes in any way. He then shows that he has no cowardice in him because while he may have a lot of fear about running into the burning building, that fear does not control him nor stop him form doing so.

So once again I ask you, are you a coward or not? Do you control your fear or does it control you? Think of these questions the next time you find your self afraid or see someone being scared. Remember that fear does make a coward, but how one handles that fear does or does not. Fear is actually a good thing when managed rightly, for it can motivate us. It can drive us to go great things. But when it is not managed rightly it can also drives us to do terribly bad things as well. How do you manage your fear? Are you a coward?

Don't Be Glass

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Glass” by “The Daily Post.”

As you go about you life, what are you? Are you glass; that is are you pretty to look at but shatter real easily? This is a question that all of us needs to answer for ourselves in today’s society, where people are so concern with their image and the image of others. The way most people in today’s world are so focused on how they are perceived and perceive others leaves one only with a very thin outer layer that well may look pretty at first glance; does not take much to break. When this layer breaks because there is nothing of substance underneath, one’s whole life can come crashing down. It is never a good thing nor pretty.

This is because the thin layer that one has built up for themselves represents everything for them, there is nothing else. This is not the case when one has a firm foundation of what makes them, them underneath the layer of glass. Think  of the layer of glass as like one’s skin; without bones, muscles, and tissues and such there is nothing to support the skin. So to, is it with the glass of one’s life and personality.

It is one thing to have a glass outer shell to make everything look nice and put together, but only if everything actually is. When one focuses so much on building up and maintaining their glass shell, they become shallow and hollow beings with not much inside them. But when there actually is substance under the glass shell, the beauty is so much more profound. There actually is something there.

So what are you as a person, are you made of glass or is it just an outer shell with substance beneath that gives you depth in life? Are you just pretty to look at but not much else there or is there depth to you? Is there something more to you than just the glass outer shell? What ever it is you are, don’t be glass!

The Meaning Of Rebellion; Happy Birthday, America

As we celebrate our Independence day, this day for the 240th time since the 13 United States declared independence from Great Britain, we need to remember why one rebels. To remember that rebellion cannot be taken lightly. We humans, rebel for a lot of reasons, because we are oppressed or we see others being oppressed. We rebel because we may see injustice in the world. There are also different levels of rebellion at one’s disposal, there is the violent kind, the peaceful and passive kind. But whatever the form it takes, it should never be taken lightly.

Rebellion according to Merriam-Webster is either an attempt by a group of people to overturn or change a government, open opposition to a person or group of authority, or going against the rules or standards of society. All of that is correct in telling what the act of rebellion is. But that does not explain exactly why one rebels or when rebellion is called for and exactly what type of rebellion is called for. 

When the 13 colonies decided to break away from Great Britain they did so at great risk and  at first very reluctantly. Even when fighting started after the Battles of Lexington and Concord, at first they just wanted there grievances solved. For them rebellion was a last choice kind of thing. It was not at all taken lightly, the act of rebellion by the 13 original states. But that is the thing that we as Americans, as the inheritors of 13’s act of rebellion and fight for independence need to remember, that it was not an easy thing to decide to rebel, let alone succeeding in it.

When we celebrate our independence and all the freedoms that we as Americans enjoy in this great country, we also need to remember just all the original sacrifice and thought that went into making it all possible. But above all we also must remember that no matter the form it takes, the act of rebellion is an act of change. Thus those doing the act of rebellion must have a clear idea of what that change is to look like, less they come to regret the change.

To rebel against an authority because one sees an injustice being done is not enough, one needs to know how they would make things not only different but better. Rebellion is never good, what is good about some rebellions are the results of rebellion. In order to have good results, one needs a clear and reachable vision.

So remember, America as you celebrate your 240th birthday, just why you had rebelled in the first place. Ask yourself was it a good result. I say it was and because it was, if I had to I would rebel again to protect the results of the original act of rebellion by the 13 original United States of America. Happy Birthday America, Happy Independence Day!