The Burdens We Carry

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Carry” by “The Daily Post.”

Everyone has their burdens; they are a fact of life that each one of us just has to deal with in our own ways depending on what kinds of burdens we do face. We all have baggage to carry throughout our lives, but these burdens need not be too heavy for us to carry. The burdens themselves are not what makes life difficult for us, but how we handle them. In fact, burdens can in a lot of ways be good for you, if only you allow them to be so.

When we have burdens it is because all the good things in life take a lot of effort to get to them. If you want to enjoy a nice hike in a park rather through the woods or up a mountain, you are going to have quite the workout/effort doing so. You may very well enjoy the experience in the end, but nonetheless, a lot of hard work. That is what burdens are; difficult journals of hardship to the “promise land” of what you want or need.

Just as trials and times of hardships in life can and often is character building, so too are our burdens. In fact, our burdens are what make our trials hard on us. Going back to my hiking up a mountain trail; that is the trial and the burden is the backpack on one’s back. What we carry may be dragging us down, but it is not stopping us, only we can stop ourselves. Burdens like trials come and go, but how we handle them stays with us for the rest of our lives.

It is like I said in one of my past posts “Let Life Flow.” “Life is not without challenges, and when you do have them, especially the loss of a loved one, remember that things happen for a reason and they will all turn out ok in the end; if you let them.” Our Burdens in life are what challenges us, they come and they go but they do not stay. No matter how hard or difficult your burdens are you will get through them and if you let them you will be better for it with what they leave behind.

To Crave Something

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Craving” by “The Daily Post.”

Why does one crave things in life? Merriam-Webster gives for its simple definition as to have a very strong desire for (something).  We desire things in life for a variety of reasons; because we like the object, we think it’s cool or pretty or because we think it will be very helpful in improving our lives at the time we desire the object/s. We also desire things that are needed not just wanted. To Crave something is neither good nor bad, but just is. Now, of course, it can be good and it can be bad in some instances, depending on the degree of desiring and what it causes us to do as a result.

As long as the craving that we have for something; does not turn into  coveting of other’s belongings, which then leads to stealing, harming, and even killing to get what one desires, I think craving is not such a bad thing. Indeed, craving can be good us, both individually and for society when it motivates us to do something as a result of said desiring. When we really want something that we crave it, it does us no good to just sit around and do nothing. No, we usually will get up off our asses and work towards getting what we desire. 

It is this type of hard work and motivation that springs from either really wanting something or needing it or both that has produced some of the greatest achievements of human civilization throughout history. The  telephone, television, the computer, air conditioning, and even running water; all of these are examples of what good can come from craving something if it leads to honest hard work and a determination to get what is desired.

Every great or small invention or innovation that has happened throughout history, every monument  ever built and every movement that has changed the course of human history has happened because of a craving/desire for something more, something different. Not all have been good, but a lot have. That is how craving something, if it is really strong and in your “bones” can be good if you pursue them.

So what are your desires? What do you crave?  Do you have one that just won’t leave you alone? Then get up and go pursue it, make it happen and just maybe you will change the world for the better. Remember not all cravings are bad, they aren’t necessarily good either. It all rather depends on what you do with your cravings and what results from them  that truly matter.