My Vote For A Third Party Candidate Is Not A Vote For Hillary Clinton!

The 2016 Presidential election cycle has been the ugliest, most surprising and most difficult of any so far, at least in my voting lifetime. The two candidates for President of the United States are some of the worst we have ever seen. Both have very high unfavorables, and both have extreme character flaws. I still cannot decide which one is worst or will be worst if elected. Although, I do believe that both are and will be bad for the country just in their own different ways. Thus, I cannot and will not be voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donard Trump. Though I will still be voting both for the down ballot and the presidential one. Here’s the deal that does not mean that I am throwing my vote away and am defacto voting for Clinton, we as a country have to move away from the notion that there are only two choices in voting, and voting for a third is giving it to one of the two.

Here’s the thing for me, in my politics, I am very conservative. I cannot stand the thought of Hillary as President, I totally believe that she is wrong for the country and will take us on the wrong track. My principals and beliefs will not allow me to support her. However, this is also the case with Trump, while I can to a certain extent relate with him or his supporters, unlike with Hillary, again, my principles and beliefs will not allow me to vote for him. Nonetheless, those same principals and beliefs say that I have to vote for a candidate for president. Staying home or just voting for the down ballots is not an option for me; to me, voting is a right but it is also a duty. So I have to vote for the president, but cannot vote for either of the two major party candidates, that leaves a third party ticket.

The thing with this choice for me, and I suspect a lot of others is that there is this misconception that in our two party system, a vote for a third party in a two-party race is just throwing your vote away and allowing one of the two to more easily overcome the other. This is so not true, if one candidate was fated to win, he/she would win no matter how you vote. Two things here, one, in any political race no one is fated to win, and two, the belief that in any race there are only two choices, just because we have two major political parties is so overdone and just plain wrong. In fact, the issue is really a self-fulfilling prophesy, that only comes true because people believe it and thus act upon it.

Over this last weekend, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has come out saying that he would vote for Trump and in fact endorsed him. Yesterday, on the Glenn Beck radio show he defended his decision to do so by saying that Hillary Clinton was such an unbelievable choice and that Trump was the only thing that stood in the way of her and a “Supreme Court stacked with liberal judges and progressive opinions.” Ted Cruz in defense of his decision also said that “this is a binary choice.”

Again, the ideal that any Presidential election, let alone this one is a binary choice is just plain wrong. We almost always have more than two choices in our presidential elections. There is always another choice to vote for and still vote. Even if you have to decide to vote for just the down ballot, you can do so. But more importantly is that elections are not about choosing the lesser of “two evils” or  voting for a ” not this person.” No, voting is about choosing who you think is best for the position, and who you think best represents you and your concerns/values. We need to remove ourselves from this “us versus them” mentality in politics and the notion that “if you don’t vote for him you are by the default voting for her.”

This is not the case for me, I am not voting for either Clinton or Trump; I will in the end vote for who I think best represents my concerns/values. My choice will not be perfect, but then this is politics we are talking about, that does not exist. In the end, we all have to just make our best judgement calls and make do with what we have. But there is always another choice, America and I hope you take that to heart. 

Are You Radical?

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Radical” by “The Daily Post.”

In today’s world and society, to be or called radical does not come with great undertones. But what exactly is being radical? According to Merriam-Webster radical means to be very new and different from what is traditional or ordinary, very basic and important, or having extreme political or social views that are not shared by most people. Radical is all that and much more. To be radical to just be different, to think “outside the box” and to think things through, (critical thinking).

To be radical is neither good nor bad, but just is. It rather depends on the how and the way for the radical behavior that makes it good or bad. It is one’s reasons for being radical that matter, not the radicalness its self. The results of the radical behavior on the rest of society also matter. Do the radical beliefs and actions, in the long run, make our society as a whole better or worse? A very important point here is to note that it is not whether you believe your radical notions will improve society, but rather if they actually do, (the ends never justify the means).

Radical is nothing more than new ideas and new ways of thinking; whether those ideas be for good or ill, being radical does serve a very important purpose in society and the human race. This has always been the case, and will always be the case. Some of the most unspeakable evil acts in human history have been committed in the name of radical beliefs   (progress) yet so have some of the most beneficial acts and events have happened too in the name of so-called radical beliefs.

I speak of perhaps the idea that all humans are created equal in the name of God, or perhaps the economic ideas and improvements that lead to the Industrial Revolution; an event that has done more than anything else in human history to lift out of poverty and improve the human condition. Those two things I think most now would view as a net positive, but in the beginning were quite radical. 

So are you radical? Do you have believes that while are not excepted or popular with others, you nonetheless think will help improve society and the world in the long run? If so, what are they, and have you actually thought through whether or not they are good or bad or indeed even practical? Whether you are radical or not, remember it is the results that make your radicalness good or bad, so don’t be discourage by being called radical. History may just be on your side or it may absolutely tear you down.

Life Can Be Like A Cake

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Cake” by “The Daily Post.”

You know with all that life can and does offer us, both good and bad, individually and societally, I find it is often like a cake. In piticualar, it is like a cake with lots of frosting and very rich and sweet and just plain delicious that you see in the desert menue after a very good meal and you decide to indulge a little. Only afterwards, while you don’t regrate having the piece of cake, you to a little extent regrate having to deal with the consequences of having it.

Life in general and in a lot of things and ways is like that piece of cake. One sees potential beauty and attractiveness in life and pursues that attractiveness, only then to discover just what having/enjoying such will take and or mean for/from him/her. Like that piece of cake sometimes having something in life is totally worth the cost of it and sometimes it is not. Though I do find that for myself I will more easily accept the consequences and bear them of having that “piece of cake” if I am awhere of them before I have it.

That there is the key I think to getting through and enjoying all the things that life has to over one on his/her life. To be able to be aware of just what it takes to do so before “taking the plunge.” Life is beautiful, amazing, and exciting, but it is also often scary, troubling, and taxing. Knowing how to navigate between the two, to take the bad with the good, and the good with the bad makes all the difference in how one lives his/her life. It really is that simple, when you know what you are facing whether good or bad before you face it, you are more able to handle the process. It is all about being prepared andd knowing the “costs” before paying those “costs.”

So the next time you see that great looking piece of cake on the menue or anything else that looks very good on the service in life go for it. Just remember that there will be some short of cost for “taking that plunge.” By doing so you will be able better handle the “cost” when paying it and even decide if what you are after is worth it all or not. So go after that cake, and enjoy every last bite of it; as long as you know and are willing to pay the price. What kind of “cakes” have you had in life so far? Where they worth it?

Reaching For The Moon

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Moon” by “The Daily Post.”

When was the last time you or someone you knew reached for your/their “moon” and achieved something really great that was very fall out of reach? When was the last time the United States as a country, as a society reached for the “moon” again? That is, when has the goal of doing something, reset the bar for achievement? A problem that I see in today’s world is that hardly anyone is really trying to achieve big things anymore.

Oh sure things are still being made that change the world around them and new technology is coming out all the time now, but it’s not something really new, new.  The bar of success hardly moves higher anymore.  Going back to the original moon landing; when the United States as a nation set out to do so by a certain deadline and did do so, that changed the bar for success and greatness. It wasn’t that before great things were not ever done or achieved, just that the expectation of what could be done had changed.

We have not really seen that kind of “reaching for the moon” achievement in quite some time, at least I have not. This fact is not good for society in the long run because it is the bigger achievements in life that enable and encourage all other achievements. You don’t believe me, let’s go back to the Moon Landing and the rest of the Space Race during the Cold War. 

Think of all the technological breakthroughs for everyday life that resulted both from the original technology needed for the Moon landing and all other achievements in the Space Race and just humans going to space, as well as the emotional impact of said achivements. It was not so much the new technology and knowledge that resulted from such achievements but the emotional heigh that resulted that mattered. 

This here is key, for in life whether it is the individual or society as a whole, we all get the majority of our inspiration for new ideals from watching, seeing, and hearing about the success of other great ideals that turn into great achievements such as the moon landing. We as humans crave, no need to have inspiration to fuel our ideals, to motivate us. By seeing something very big and life changing be done that was once unthinkable, we are then challenged to do more. We then know what is possible if only we reach for it. It is only our admigenations and will or lack of such that hold us back. 

Again I am not saying that we as a society and as individuals are no longer making great strives and success in live in all its aspects, just that we have been living off of emotional high of past great succes for to long and that we are over do for a new boost in spirit. We need something that will once again reset the bar for succes, that will encourage us to do more and enchive more for not only ourselves but for the greater society. So if you have an idea go out and pursue it and perhaps one day it may very well turn into one of those life changing “great successes” that will change the world and enspire countless others to do the same.