The Election Is Over; What Next?

So Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential elections and is now President-elect. What are we to do next? That is the question going through everyone’s mind in the country these last couple of days since the election. From the supporters of Trump and those who did not support him, to his skeptics. How will he govern, will he be a uniter or a divider? Can and will he be able to control himself in order to put together an effective government to get things done?

Now that Trump has won the Presidency, he has a long and difficult road ahead of him; no the nation has a long and difficult road ahead. The nation is still heavily divided upon itself and thus needs healing and while Trump did win overwhelmingly in the electoral vote which is what matters, he lost (though just) the popular vote. Which will only make it more difficult for him to bring the nation together and get consensus to get things done.

I have had my doubts about Trump, a whole lot, and I still do, but he is the Presidential-elect and won fair and square, thus we all in this country, myself included have a duty to at least give him the benefit of the doubt and help him the best we can, for he will be our President. As our President, we want him, no need him to succeed. For when the President of the United States succeeds, “We The People” succeed. But when the President fails, “We The Peole Fail.”

President-elect Trump is going to need all the help and prayers he can get in the coming days and months ahead. From setting up the right transitioning and getting the right cabinet and team formed that will help him to govern; to dealing with all the problems that are facing us as a nation right now and the more that will pop up in the next few years.

Make no mistake, I see rough times ahead both for the United States and the world. From economic and financial issues, to the Heath Care Law (Obamacare), to tearism and dealing with Radical Islamist Extremists and other tensions and hot spots around the glob. Donald Trump when he takes office, he is literally going to have to take off at “light speed” to tackle all the issues and problems heading our way.

So please,  everyone dealing with the shock that Donald Trump is actually going to be President of The United States of America and not liking it too much and perhaps fearing the worse; please remember that like you and me and everyone else he is human. He deserves a chance to prove us wrong about him. Believe me, I have grave concerns about him, and do indeed fear just what he will do with all the power about to be bestowed upon him. But here is the thing, I hope and pray to God that I am wrong, and will greatfully rejoice if I am. What’s that old saying “Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.”

Immorality Now Rules The United States

The election is over and the people have spoken, though it remains to be seen just what they voted for. It was also a surprising night with just how close the election results were and how well Donald Trump actually did. No one had really seen this coming, Hillary Clinton was the odds on favorite to win and was ahead in all the polls. Yet, here we are with a President elect Donard Trump. What does this say about the country and about us as a people, now that such a man like Trump could be elected President of the “Free World?”

Ever since its founding the United States has been a great country, not because of its power, but because of its goodness and because of the ideals that it has represented. The United States has always been an exceptional nation and a beacon to the world not because of its might or its people, but because it has for the most part been lead by virtue and goodness. It has stood for something greater than its self. Yes, there has been a many a flaws throughout the nation’s history, but despite those glaring flaws, it has strived to do better and be better than it is.

This has been what has always made America great and exceptional. Not because of its people or its leaders, but because of a calling of its people and its leaders to be better than they are. To improve, to self-examine, and to always be aware of one’s deep flaws and the flaws of the people, leaders and the nation as a hole. This is what has caused the United States throughout its history to stand up for the oppressed and to inspire the oppressed to stand up for themselves, even when from time to time, this great nation has its self been one of those keeping some oppressed.

With the Election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, I fear that all of this may change and that would be the greatest travesty in the history of the world. For what does it say about a nation and its people that it would chose for a leader, someone like Trump. A person that is so immoral and out for himself. He very little expresses remorse for his actions or what he says no matter how hurtful. He regularly attacks and just savages anyone who criticizes and disagrees with him. He mocks and belittles people. And he is obsessed with his image and “brand” and how he appears to others. The way he treats women and sees women is just so troubling and yet, says so much about his character or lack of one.

Thus, it is troubling to see a nation such as the United States vote in such a person as President (as leader) of said nation. America has been great because America has been good; in order to be good requires the people and leaders of a nation to be virtuous and moral. With the election of Trump, we as a nation are now entering uncertain times.

To be sure I have great reservations about Donald Trump as President. I was concerned as already said about his immorality, but also his unperdictability and just the plane unknown about just what he would do as President. I hope to God that my concerns are wrong about him, for he will now be my President and just what it would mean for the nation, the world, and the future if they are not. The people have spoken, and for good or ill, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. Come what may, we will as a nation, I truly believe make it as a nation and as a people if we remember and stick to what has made us “Great.” That being that we have been “Good.”

We Are All Copycats

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Copycat” by “The Daily Post.”

Have you ever started something/did something that others around you started doing as well after seeing you do so. Well, this happens to everybody at some point in their lives more likely more than once. Rather weare being copied or doing the copying ourselves. As humans we learn best by seeing. When we see that something can be done and the usefulllness of that something to our lives, then we natually want to emulate or “copy” that for oursleves.

We see this across all of human history from civilization to civilization, great kindom to great kingdom, and so on. Whether it is the individual or a group, humans are pretty good and picking up on how others do certain things and what does and does not work and may work better. They are even better at taking what they observed and applying it to their own circumstances. The Romans were very good at this, and one of the main if not “the” reason for their spread and conquest of much of the Meditraian world.

To copy someone or to be copied is not something to be bothered by. If fact, one should feel quite honored if they are being copied, for that is the most soncearest form of flattery that there is known. By copying someone, we recognized that they have had a great ideal or was doing something right, and want to follow in their footsteps.

If one truly thinks about it, almost everything one does in their day to day life is actually copying from somebody/something else. From the clothes and hair style to any number of products brought, to the food we eat and how we plan our lives. Look at all the self-help books and websits that are out there on just about any topic you can name. What is all that if not copying from succesful people. There is also all the recent movie remakes coming out of Hollywood and the entertainment world over the last few years.

To be a copycat is neither good nor bad it just is. It is also a fact of life, and preetty much everyone on the planet is a copycat in someway. Not to say that there is never an indivdual thought or ideal for that is not the case. If that were so we actually would not have copycats to begain with, in fact the mere exsistance of copycats proves the exsistance of great idals and thinkers. So the next time you find someone copying you in something don’t get upset but be happy, for you obviously were doing something right. You yourself are a copycat!