A Misstep Is Not The End Of The World

This is a response to the one word prompt “Misstep” by “The Daily Post.”

Everyone makes mistakes, that is a fact of life. In fact, it is a truth that throughout one’s life he/she will make/have several mistakes, big or small. It is not about the mistakes one has that makes or breaks them, but how one deals with them in the aftermath. We cannot allow our missteps to define us and hold us down. We must remember that it is by our missteps that we learn and grow and without them we do not. Actually, though we never think about it,  as they happen, but having missteps is really a good thing for us.

If this is the case; if missteps are actually a good thing for us because they make us learn, why do we always have such a negative view of them and ourselves when they happen? It is because we do not like to lose or be in the wrong. There is also the possibility that deep down we all have just a touch perfectionism in us; a need to have things just right. So when we have a misstep, we immediately focus our minds on the negative side. We don’t ask ourselves how we can improve or what we could of, done right let alone what we did do right in order to be better next time. We only focus on what we did wrong. 

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and say to ourselves, “Ok, I may have made this or that mistake, but at least, I did this right and next time it will be better.” When you have a misstep and you will no matter what it is, just take a deep breath and remember that it is not the end of the world and realize that perhaps you could learn (how you could learn) from the experience. Don’t focus on the mistake its self, but on the reason for the mistake and what could have been done to avoid such. That is a much more constructive way to deal with your misstep. Also, remember everyone makes them, no matter how good they are in what they do or in life in general; missteps will always happen to people.

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