About Chasing Thoughts

The purpose of is to offer a variety of viewpoints on just everything and anything.  In life, a lot of people don’t want to talk about their views, but they need to do so. Whether it is about politics, or religion, or just any number of things; we all need to share our thoughts and opinions more and have good productive discussions on them. When we do so, we not only learn what others think about on any number of topics/issues, but we learn more about them (both the person and the topic) as well.

This will either reinforce our current viewpoints and beliefs or change them. But that is not really a bad thing. By sharing my thoughts and viewpoints, I hope to encourage others to do the same and have lots of productive conversations. The world is so much more an interesting place when people share their thoughts and feelings. When people learn to share their thoughts, they help the work and society function best. Hopefully as this “outpost of thoughts” grows I hope to add other Arthurs/Contributors to this website to give even more insight into the love of writing and expressing one’s beliefs and more viewpoints for you to look at.

In order to share one’s thoughts and viewpoints, one needs to understand the written and spoken word. No, they need to more than understand it, they need to “breathe” them. To understand just how powerful and amazing language is. Once one does that, there are no extended limits to what one can do with words.

I intend to not only share my thoughts and viewpoints but also offer up ways for one to improve how they share their own. One of the ways that I intend to help to share one’s thoughts and viewpoints is to broaden your outlook of all the views out there by sharing a number of both opinions and news stories from other sources.