This is a response to the word post prompt “Connection” on The Daily Post.

In today’s world with the widespread use of social media outlets and pretty much everyone connected to an electronic device, one must wonder despite being connected all the time to others and what goes on in the world, are we really that connected? Yes, we share and keep in touch with our friends, family and others and we do learn the latest news, but is that enough? Do we perhaps only in part take in what we learn through our electronic connections superficially and not letting everything set in and take root?

We are so connected in today’s world of technology, that we are not really connected at all. We don’t form and maintain the deep relationships that we as humans use to do before the advent of social media and the mobile phone. The type of relationships that offer meaning and purposefulness to one’s life. Oh sure all this technology lets us keep in touch with family and old friends when we don’t live close or just have too much on our plates with our busy schedule filled days. But that is not enough.

Unfortunately, we don’t use these tools of “connecting” for just that but as a clutch to try and make “friends.” For example, one’s Facebook account is judged by how many “friends” it has. Of all these “friends” you may have on your Facebook account or any other social media site, the vast majority are not true friends in the sense that you can depend on them and them you for something. Not to say that being on social media is bad and that one should not do it, that is not the case at all social media can and is a good thing when used correctly and not abused. Yet, we can not use it at the expense of regularly social interactions, that is interactions of the flesh and blood kind.

So no I do not believe that we as a society in today’s world is really connecting with each other; not in any real sense anyway. And no what we do have in terms of connecting with social media and electronic devices is not enough to sustain us as a society or as individuals. We need more tangible things and relationships. Making friends and staying in touch with existing ones and family is not enough; one needs to be able to extract meaning and purpose from his or her relationships. Meaning that can only come from direct contact in the flesh. All of our technology and our social media is useful and needed but they are not the be all good are things in this world nor can they be.

By Chase Blosser

I am a freelance writer, who loves the written word. I inspire to enlighten and inform as well as entertain. I want to also take what I do based, writing and reading/learning to help others. I plan to offer both freelance writing services, my thoughts about life and current events, and such.

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