Being Notorious is “Two-Faced”

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Notorious” by “The Daily Post.”

Notorious according to “merriam-webster” something/someone generally known and talked about, and/or known widely and unfavorably. So to be “notorious” in life one needs to be both known fall and wide, and have most knowing at the very least basic info about you. “Being notorious,” is also but not always a negitive state of being. For me while there can be  some positives to “being notorious” I would not not want it nor recomentd it because of the unpidictability of the nataure of “being notorious.” Going from postitive to negitive and back againg, and so forth at the “flip of a coin.” To much uncertinty, I do not know why anyone would every want to be “notorious” or adspire to be, or even have notorious roll-moders.

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