The Donald: A Bull In A China Shop

Ever since Donald Trump had thrown his hat (or is it his hair) into the ring for the Republican nominee for President of the United States, he has created quite the upset over the comments he has made on the Illegal Immigration issue by implying that a large portion of those who come into this country illegally are rapists and criminals. Ever since he has faced the mother load of criticisms from everywhere and even lost some business
opportunities as a result. Nonetheless, he has refused to back down or explain
away his comments like most politicians do. Whatever you think of him and his
comments, you have to give him credit for speaking his mind and not caring for
the consequences.

Donald Trump is resonating in the polls among Republicans because regardless if they completely agree with him or not which I don’t think most do, at least not completely, they do see problems in this country that are not getting fixed and Washington is doing nothing to fix the problem. Then here comes this outspoken man that takes no prisoners and has made a career out of getting things done and is putting to voice just what the
problem is.

The thing with Donald is that when he speaks about the problems that he sees facing the country, he has no tact, he calls it exactly as he sees it and damn the consequences. He is very much like a bull in a china shop, which may actually be appropriate for him since China is his main punching bag.

It’s that type of attitude towards the problems of this country that is making Trump so popular among a large segment of Republicans. It is refreshing that there finally is anyone running for public office that is able and willing to say things that may be considered
politically incorrect and/or offensive to some. They may very well still cringe
at some of the things he is saying, I know I do, but at the same time, they and I
nod heads saying he has a point to an extent.

For instance, his comments on the fact that a lot of the illegal immigrants are criminals and rapists are while perhaps painting too broad a brush if not completely true; there is some semblance of truth at least for the first. The fact is that by the definition of illegal immigrant, if someone comes into this nation bypassing our laws and procedures for entering into the country, by definition they are breaking the law/laws of this nation and are thus criminals. So by making statements such as the ones Trump made on the
issue, he is getting nods from those who understand that even when they disagree
with the rest of what he is saying.

It is not only with how he talks about the problem of illegal immigration that is making Trumps’ poll ratings climb but how he talks about every issue. It is the fact that he does not run away from his wealth, but takes pride in it. Long ago this country actually took pride in the people’s business success and making it big. With Trump, people see that and want that type of
country back.

Though Trumps Bull in a china shop mentality is not all good, for example, he just recently attacked Senator John McCain on his status, as a military hero due to his prisoner of war status in the Vietnam War. I do not care how much someone may be striking a cord with people, you do not go after the military. They are the only institution left in the United
States that is not only still respected and trusted but are actually revealed.

I doubt very much that Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination for President let alone actually win the Presidency, yet I do believe he has and will have much to offer in the debates to come over the future direction of this great nation. This is because he is putting voice to a lot of fears about the problems facing this great nation. The problem is that he is not at the same time putting forth real attainable solutions to those problems. One thing for sure is that the coming campaign for the Republican nomination will be both entertaining and filled with some good if unorthodox substance.  The bottom line is that while in the short-term Donald Trump may be very popular among Republican voters, it will not last in the long run.

America Comes Together In Spite Of Tragedy

This last Wednesday the 17th,
at a historically black church in Charlestown, South Carolina a lone gunman
gunned down nine worshipers after sitting for an hour with them during an
evening Bible study. This was truly a despicable evil act, yet at the same time
I see the good that has come of this mass killing.

The people of Charlestown and the rest of
South Carolina and indeed the rest of the nation came together in healing
and prayer and solidarity. Yes, there are a few Race baiters and those who
would wish to divide as the shooter wished to do, but they are few.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragic
event, we had not only the city of Charlestown comes together in a united
showing of support for the families of the nine victims, but we also saw said
families offer forgiveness to the shooter. That right there is what it all
means to be a Christian.

When something bad and traumatic happens
to you, it is all too easy to let anger take over and to hold grudges. This in
the long run only harms not only you but also everyone around you and the whole
community. The fact that not only have all the victims families and that whole
church community effected was not only able to let go of any such anger but
come out and forgive the shooter right away, its self speaks volumes about
their character.

Despite how terrible and evil the
shooting of the nine were, it and other such evil acts does have good outcomes
in that they remind us that despite all our defenses we also have a whole lot
in common and that we are all human.

The shooter Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old
white man was motivated by race according to survivors and the police
investigation. His goal seems to have been to start a Race war. In this he did
not succeed. In fact, I would say that he did just the opposite; he brought the
whole city of Charlestown regardless of Race together as they mourn those who
died. This here is proof that the nation has come a long way from its troubled
past and has indeed made great strides in becoming a post racial society.

With how the whole city of Charlestown is
acting after the tragic shooting has inspired the rest of South Carolina and
the nation as a whole; it shows us many things, but above all it shows us that
good nay great things can and does happen despite and even because of bad/evil
things. Yes, evil exists in the world, but so too does good and in fact good
uses the bad to make things better. My heart and prayers go out to the families
and friends of the nine who were brutally struck down, God Bless!

Is Hillary Clinton Really Inevitable?

Scandal after scandal, news item after news
item, and nothing seems to stick to Hillary Clinton. Despite everything that
has come to light about her in the last few weeks she is still overwhelmingly
the Democratic nominee frontrunner and is increasingly viewed by many as the
future President of the United States. I recently stopped by to say hello to a
previous professor of mine yesterday, Dr. Brian Dometrovic who chairs the
history department at Sam Houston State University and teaches economic

In our talk, he said how several follow economists
and other associates of his have mentioned their beliefs/fears that she will
win. This despite the fact that they are Republican, vote Republican and have
and will donate and support Republicans. Brian also shares these thoughts about
Hillary and the Presidency. He did say that her victory is by no means “written
in the stars”, but that he does not see how the eventual Republican nominee
will be able to beat her, not with the current electoral vote count and current
lack of will in the Republican party to go after and campaign hard enough in
the blue states such as New York and California.

As he pointed out, as it is right now if
the Republicans where to follow the strategy of going after all the states that
George W. Bush got in 2004 they would have to get every single one, and just
losing one while that is it, Hillary wins.

That is no way to run and win a
presidential race, Republicans can win back the White House in 2016 and beat
Hillary in the process, but in order to do so they have to go after every state
as if it is up in the air. No state should be off limits in campaign efforts
and recourses. When running for President of the United States you cannot
half-ass it, you are either all in or all out with regards to the states you
hope to win.

Back to Hillary Clinton, yes I too have
very deep concerns that she will in the end win the Presidency and I too like
the others mentioned am a Republican, vote Republican, and donate/will donate
to Republicans. The concerns regarding Hillary’s victory for the White House
being inevitable is very real and understandable. For one, as mentioned nothing
seems to be able to stick to her. Yet, at the same time that I myself have
these concerns, I am also to a degree salivating at the prospect of her being
the Democratic nominee for President of the United States because I believe
That not only is she a very beatable candidate, but is perhaps the most beatable
one that the Democrats could possibly put forward.

I believe this because despite the fact
that all the scandals that have come forward have refused to stick to Hillary;
they are still having an impact if abet very slowly. They are also coming to
light one after the other nonstop. Almost every week something new about either
an existing scandal or a new one comes to light. This leads me to conclude that
instead of any one scandal killing her chance at the White House in one shot it will be
done slowly and drawn out as in “death by a thousand cuts.”

Another reason, is
that one thing that these last few weeks with the scandals coming to light has
shown us, is that she is not her husband. She is not as charismatic as Bill is.
Bill was able to survive his scandals when he was President because he was
still perceived as likable. This is not really the same with Hillary.

One thing that all these scandals does do
is that it offers up a pretty good portrait of what Hillary is like, one that
is not too flattering nor befitting of the Presidency of the United States. If
the Republicans are real serious about winning back the White House and whoever
the nominee turns out being goes after each and every sate and not just the
easy ones along with really going after Hillary on her record and pressing her
to answer tough questions about the scandals that have come to light so far
About her, then yes, they will win the White House in 2016 and no Hillary
Clinton is not inevitable.

Apathetic America, A Danger To The Republic!


On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Rasmussen Reports released a poll showing that 57% of Americans believe Hillary Clinton is likely to win the 2016 Presidential race despite the fact that they have much uncertainty about her. I am sorry, but what does this mean? On the one hand, the poll basically says that a part of the American people are at most undecided on Hillary for President and on the other still believe that she will
be so in the end. How does one reconcile that? What this poll tells me is that
it is another example of the American electorate becoming more and more asleep
at the wheel when it comes to the nation’s elections and what goes on in the
nation and how it and they are affected.

This, if true, is very bad for the republic in the shot and long run. Representative forms of government only work when the people are involved in the process. To be involved in the process means that not only that those who can vote do vote, but also that they do so as informed voters and to vote on their convictions and beliefs on who they believe will
best represent them.

However, when you have a large amount of potential voters saying that at the same time they have mixed feelings on a candidate for office, that they believe the candidate will win the election in question regardless; that implies that the people are not involved in the
process as they should be and is required to have the republic run smoothly. It
implies that people just do not care one way or the other.

When the citizens of a republic start to be apathetic to what goes on with their government as well as their leaders and potential leaders, that republic is in serious danger and will not be long for this world. There is a famous story of after the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention convened, as Benjamin Franklin was walking out, a woman came up and asked him “What have you given us sir?” He replied. “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

A republic or representative democracy will only last as long as the people in it are
involved in its governing and electioneering processes. To be involved means
that the people care about what is going on around them and the Country and
care about whom their leaders are and the curator of said leaders.

The Rasmussen poll on Hillary Clinton is just another alarming sign that we Americans are losing our great Republic of the United States of America and not from without but from within. Our republic is dying from within due to, in part because of the lack of caring about its people!

Love Thy Neighbor

Christians, as followers of Jesus Christ, are called to “love thy neighbor as thy
self.” This here is very important to the faith but what exactly does it mean? One can look at it over a dozen times and come up with what he or she thinks the phase represents, but in the end, for me at least, it just means to treat
everyone as a fellow human being and to not do to others that I myself would
not want to be done to me. As a follower of Christ, I am called to do this and
it is how I tend to treat people I meet and know yet, “love thy neighbor” does
not have to be just a Christian belief.

One does not need to be a Christian to have such a mind set to his or her fellow human beings.  In fact, human society as a whole could and would benefit greatly if people truly applied such a way of thinking and acting
in all aspects of their lives, especially politics.

Think of it, the number one reason why politics in the United States particularly, at the national level is so divisive is because all sides of the political spectrum tend to instead of just going after the policy issues; they go after the person or people behind them. They attack and demonize their opponents. This would never happen under the pretext of “love
thy neighbor.” One can have plenty of disagreements on something but still see the good in the person or people that one disagrees with.

In politics when one attacks not the policies or beliefs that he or she disagrees with but the persons behind them; all that achieves is to create more disagreement and discord among everybody involved and nothing is able to get done or be achieved.

A very good example of this is back during the 1950s with McArthur and his “witch-hunts” for communist spies and agents in the government and throughout America as a whole. He was right about the threat, but he went about it in all the wrong ways. Instead of building consensus and just educating the public to the threat and trying to shed light on it. He went about attacking just about everybody that he had disagreements with and that
had the slightest bit of suspension no matter how thin it was. In the end he
was finally undone when he went after the military, more specifically Eisenhower’s mentor General Marshal.

Perhaps another good example of why one should not attack the people behind the policy is during the Vietnam War when the protesters attacked the military and the service men. Once that started happening all that the protesters accomplished was to just increase the
divisiveness in the nation and put the nation against its self. It is one thing
to question why the country is fighting in a certain war and to demand we end
doing so, but don’t go after the troops, they are human beings just like the
rest of us and are only doing their duty.

The same thing is in some way happening with certain elements of the Tea Party Movement, where they attack not only the policies that they agree with which is fine and one thing; but they also like a rabid dog, go after anyone who does not 100% agree with them. As a result the Tea Party has lost ground with the American People.

I also see the same thing with our current President, Barrack Obama and his predecessor President George W. Bush. With Bush those who disagreed with him and his policies viscously attacked and made him out to be stupid and dumb. With Obama, he too is attacked and called vile things by some.

There is also the case with liberals and the left attacking those who remain skeptic about global warming and on the gay rights and marriage issue, to name a couple topics. Instead of debating the topic they just attack and dehumanize those who agree with them.

Don’t’ attack the person or people behind the
issue, just the issue. Remember though you may very strongly disagree with what
someone is doing, that individual is still a human being just like you and
anyone and everyone else in the world. The worst thing that you can do is to
dehumanize the person. And of course, the payback of not attacking the person
but just the issues is that you are more likely to be ably to work together and
come up with better solutions than the one you disagree with in the first place,
but that will never happen when you dehumanize the opposition.

Now just treating your political opponents with dignity and respect does not mean that you are compromising your principals or are giving in to them. All it means is that while there may be several deep disagreements between you and them, you still see them as a human being with at the very least good attentions just misplaced or not. Once you do this, most likely the other side will do the same and if they don’t you can at least feel and
know that you have the moral high ground.

Being Plucked Too Soon

As we move towards the 2016 Presidential Elections and who is or is not running, and who has a chance, most pundits are paying attention to the potential Republican field, for theirs is the most open and competitive of the two parties so far. Most assume that the Democratic nominee will be Hillary Clinton and the two or three or so prospective challengers don’t have much of a chance. However, one must remember that of all the possible contenders for the Republican nominee, is that all of them may very well be excellent Presidential material, the time may not exactly be now but later down the line. The worst thing that any of the contenders can do is decide to get in the race now when in reality they may need a few more years to gather not only more experience in all worldly matters, but to build up a firm support base and have their names and reputations not only out-there but firmly established. If this is not the case and the contender does get into the race not only does he risk losing but his whole future in politics and potential rise is pretty much shot.

We already have a perfect example of this happening back in the 2008 Presidential election when John McCain chose Sarah Palin, the then Governor of Alaska as his
Vice Presidential pick. By doing this at that time he basically plucked a fruit
with great potential from its tree (from its roots) before it could ripen. Palin,
up until that point had a great and growing political career that would of only
continued to grow. The problem is she still had a lot of growing to do in her
career and life. John McCain made the mistake of looking at Sarah and her career
so far and thinking she would make a good VP pick and put him over the top, yet
did not look any further than that. As a result, Sarah Palin was totally not
ready for what she would face on the national stage and as a result, her career
was crippled both throughout the campaign and when John McCain lost the
election. If she had never been picked as VP that year her career would have no
doubt have continued to advance and who knows in another ten to twenty years
she herself could have been a Presidential nominee. Now though that is, well
not exactly impossible is extremely improbable.

good example for not plucking people to soon into the national stage for either
the Presidency or the Vice Presidency is the Republican primary race for the
2012 Presidential election. During the primary before Romney got the nomination
we saw contender after contender rise to the front for a few days or weeks and
then far and far hard in some cases. Let this be a lesion that just because
someone is talked up a lot and in the news does not mean they are good
picks, in some cases they may very well be but not at the time, only if
they are given the opportunity to grow that image and their résumé. Promising fruit
must be given time to finish growing before they are plucked; to do so before
they are ripe means one can and will be left wanting.