A little Act of Kindness Goes A long way!: The Little Things That Show The World Is Not Heading To Hell In A HandBasket!

For some years now when one looks around the world, one does not see a pretty picture. From the war on Terror since the September 11th, 2001 attacks and having to fear other such terror attacks, the rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. And of course, this year alone we have Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ever-increasing violence and crime in major U.S. cities. We also have the ever-increasing divide in our body politic that makes it near impossible to get things done at the governmental level, which has been happening for a number of years now. Then there is the worsening economic situation with inflation running amuck. All of these things and more paint a very bleak picture for not only the present time but the future as well. It gets to the point that one may think we as a society, people, and perhaps the whole world “is going to hell in a handbasket.” We see so much negative in the world around us, but very little positive.

Well it turns out there is still good in this world, there is still plenty of positive things happening all around. Yesterday afternoon after I left my church’s Sunday service, I went to the local Kroger grocery store to get a few items that I still needed for making my dinner later. As I was leaving the store and after loading my groceries into the car I went to return the cart when a couple came up to me with as it turns out my wallet that I obviously did not put back into my pocket securely enough and had thus fallen out as I walked across the parking lot. They saw it and saw me obviously not too far away and went to inquire if it was mine and return it.

Which, was supper great for me for I had no idea I had dropped my wallet and could have possibly driven off before I even realized it. So, because of this nice couple, I had my wallet returned before I even realized it was missing with everything still in it. It is small acts of kindness like what the couple did that really give one hope and shines a light in a world full of darkness. Because of the couple helping me out before I even realized I was in a predicament, I was instantly reminded that things are not all bad in the world today. Now even before this incident I already knew that things could not be as bad as they seem that the world was not going “to hell in a handbasket” but it is always good when you have that confirmation, which is what I experienced in the parking lot of Kroger one Sunday after church.

What sort of little things or small acts of kindness have you witnessed or experienced lately that confirm for you that the world is not going “to hell in a handbasket?” All thoughts and opinions are welcomed and wanted!

To Change My Life, I Must Take Responsibility


As you read the quote above really think on it for a second and what it really means for anyone in if taken seriously. It says that no matter what problems, challenges we are facing in life, have faced and will face it comes done what you and in our struggles do during our battles. If your life is not going so well, then “get up and do something about it.” No one will do it for you, yes you may get help, but in the end, that help will do nothing without you.

Please share your thoughts; all thoughts & viewpoints are welcomed and wanted!



Its ok to be Nervous

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Nervous” by “The Daily Post.”

Who doesn’t get nervous; no one that’s who. Everyone gets nervous at least once in their lives if not more. We all know this, it’s just a fact of life; and yet we do not like to acknowledge such when it happens. It is an inconvenient truth for us. Why is that the case? Is being nervous really such a bad thing that when we experience such, we can’t admit it?

The thing is, being nervous, despite how we feel about it is not really a bad thing and is quite ok to be so. Being nervous does not just have to about holding you back or making you second guess your decision in something. It can be and often is an extra enforcement for continuing down the path you have set. Being nervous allows one to more see what is “at stake” in any given situation and can help to put “everything” relating to what is making you nervous in a bigger/clearer light.

So the next time you find yourself getting nervous over a decision you have made or are about to make, don’t get caught up with the decision itself. But instead, allow that nervousness to make you think about all the reasons for the decision and what the consequences (good and bad) are. In this way, nervousness can either reform that you are making the right decision or perhaps are not making the right one at least not completely. Don’t be ashamed when you get nervous, it’s ok to be so.


Autism Is Not A Weakness; Unless You Let It Be

I had previously posted an article “To Recognize One’s Faults.” about how acknowledging one’s faults or weaknesses is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. In it, I used my own example of dealing with my High Functioning Autism. A few days later, my grandmother (paternal) emailed me telling me how much she liked the article and agreed with it, except for Autism being a weakness. Thus, I feel a point of clarification needs to be made on the subject.

I in no way believe that autism is a weakness. I believe just the opposite, that it is very much a strength. I had thought I made that clear in my article when in the end I concluded that I think all weaknesses aren’t weaknesses per say, but hidden strengths that just needs some “ironing out.” Obviously, I did not make the issue clear enough or left some room for confusion.

So to correct the issue, no I don’t believe that Autism is a weakness, but is in fact very much a strength. Now it is a strength that does need work to make use of and to be productive, but it is very much a strength. What do I mean by needing work? Quite simply that while autism is in no way a weakness, it can become one if it is allowed to and it is, can be, and will be a strength if it is allowed to be.

Autism, in no way, makes those you have it “less whole” or less human. In no way does Autism limit the potential growth of those with it when compared to every other “normal” person. Yet, at the same time, it is a challenging development that those who have it must live with their whole lives. They can still do pretty much anything anyone else can do if they put the work and effort into it, just like anyone else; the only difference is that in social interaction and staying focused on goals, they in most cases have to work harder. Those with Autism are in a lot of ways, in their “own little words” compared to everyone around them.

But it is exactly this aspect of Autism that makes it a strength. For because one who has autism (like myself) is in his/her own world and is often more focused on one thing or interest at the expense of almost all others, one can and will often see things that others don’t or can’t. Autism in a lot of ways gives those with it a whole different perspective on different things and life in general than those around them.

So to recap, Autism is neither a weakness nor a strength but is either one depending on what the person with it and the people close to the person, makes of it. Although, Autism in my view does have a lot more potential for being a strength than a weakness. Those with Autism, are in no way less intelligent than anyone else; actually in a lot of ways it can make them smarter than others (in their own way). Let me know your thoughts on Autism. Do you think it is a strength or weakness and why?



Trumpland Has It Right on the H1-B Visa Worker Program

This is an interesting take on the imigration issue that is right now a hot button issue, because of Preisdent Trump. The writer is qurrect that even if you do not aggree with a lot of the things that President Trump does and says, (and I do not on a whole lot), this is one that we should indeed find agreement; if we are ever to fix the problems in our imigration system and make it better.

Outside the Tent

This is so very true, and much needed advise that we all need to take to heart, both Christians and non-Christians. We are all children of God, and are all loved the same, no matter what. There is no true wall sepreating us from others in nature (God). That is a human invention for human needs not God needs.

The Enviablity of Devastation of Empires

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Devastation” by “The Daily Post.”

All human history is riddled with examples of “man” trying to avoid his fate and control his destiny. When kingdoms and Great Empires begin to fade, there is numerous attempts at revival or much sense of dread about said decline. Yet, one thing does remain constant, while some times the efforts to arrest decline seem to succeed, it is only for a time, before the decline returns in full force and carries out its purpose. The reason for this is quite simple, when humans perceive a decline in their system of life, they go all out to stop it by reenergizing the system, yet they rarely if ever look at the root cause of said decline.

Thus, while for a time new energy is given into a great empire to starve off the decline, the underlining “bad seeds” are still there if only for a time starved of “food” but eventually once again start growing into “weeds” to choke the society and empire. This has laid to the viewpoint that the “rise of great empires and the fall of great empires” to be enviable and irreversible once started. Or indeed that at some point all great societies will crumble and die, or at least become lesser of what they were.

While there is indeed some truth to this viewpoint, it is both right and wrong at the same time. While counties do go through high and low periods of life; both all never preodained in the since that “that is going to happen no matter what.” No, a contries destiny of either growth or declined relies on the people, leaders and the society. It relies on the values of the society and what the people take and belive as most important in their lives.

If great nation finds its self in decline, that decline is not preodained. It can be stop but only if the whole nation, that is the people and its leaders go back to what made it become great. It won’t happen if all that is done it to reenergize the nation or put in a few “cosmetic” changes here and there, but the “decline in the society” is not stoped. This here is the key, nations decline becouse their societies delcine interms of values, beliefs, and morales. Thus inorder to stop declines one must revive the culture of societies.

The enviablity of devestation of empires is only the case when the people in the empires stop “carring.” When they no longer paticapate in it, but are more concern with their own immidate gratifications and desires. If the people stop such behavior and start carrning angain then there is no enviability. This does not mean that the decline won’t still happen, just that there is a chanse to stop and reverse it.

The Aesthetics of Life

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Aesthetic” by “The Daily Post.”

Do you see the beauty in life? Is your world filled with the beauty of God’s creation? It is for me, I can’t go a single day without seeing at least one example of such beauty in the world even with all its ugliness, there is still much good. But the most beautiful thing about it all to me, is that you don’t have to go far or look for long to find examples of beauty and wonder in God’s creation. It is all around us, if we but just look for it and appreciate it more.

Life no matter how good or how bad it gets is all about the “little things” in life and enjoying what it offers. Part of this is taking in the beauty of life and all of God’s creation. Why is it, that throughout human history and throughout human civilizations that we have had art and art that focused on nature? It is because of a need to capture and understand better the beauty of creation.

So do you see the beauty in God’s creation? Do you take tiem each and every day out of your busy lives to enjoy such beauty of the “little things” in life? If not, why? You will find life so much more enjoyable and learn so much about life when you do. So go out and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, and the Aesthetics of life.



Running "Marathons" of Life

This is a response to the one-word prompt “Marathon” by “The Daily Post.”

When one thinks of marathons, the image that comes to mind is of a group of runners going a very long destence on a hot sunny day and swetting perfusly at the end of it. But that is not the only kind of marathon in exsistance. A marathon could be anything or goal you have and have to deal with. As with a marathon, it is often extremly tirering and hardwork, but offering a very rewarding experience at the end.

If you think of it, one’s life is just one “big marathon” with lots of “little marathon’s in it. A lot of times we do not know what we will get in life, or what will come of all our efforts, and we are offten “let down” a lot (at least I am). Yet, we still push on and continue on the paths that either we had set for ourselves or had been set for us, or we make a course correction mid-way onto another path.

We do not let the difficultly of what we face in life hold us down or stop us from reaching the finish line, because despite it all we still have in our “mind’s eye”a picture of what could await us in the end.  At least that is how I have always looked at it, and hope you do too. For what is life, and all of the “marathons” we face if there is nothing to show for it.

So what kind of “marathons” have you had in this life? How difficult have they been and did you give-up, make a course correction, or pushed onto the finnish line? What did you get/learn from the experience, and was it worth it? For me the experiences have always been worth it, and will continue to be so, even in the most difficult and pain filled “marathons” of my life. Because I know that in the end something greater is waiting for me, and all that I experience is leading up to that final “finish line.” That being a relationship with my God, through Jesus Christ. So push on and finish the “marathon” of life.