This is a response to the word prompt “Price” by “The Daily Post.”

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” This widely known quote from while it is not exactly known from whom at least as far as I could find, is not given the amount of respect that it deserves for stating such a profound, obvious and overlook truth. Nothing in this world is free no matter what the advertisement says. There is always a price of some kind, even if it is not obvious or immediate.

Price is a natural part of life, it is one of those things that teaches us that there is a consequence to our actions whether good or bad. By having to pay the price, we are kept from having too much of any one thing, good or bad. Actually, what the price is, is moderation. A little of this, a little of that, but not too much of this here. 

Yes, everything has a price and a lot of times we think the price is too high and we bemoan having to pay it yet, at the same time if the fundamental nature of price were to suddenly  disappear, I think we would regret in the long run not having it. If price were removed from the equation, if there really was such a thing as a free lunch, that would bring about chaos. Chaos because we would no longer be constrained in, anything we do or the things we get for ourselves and our friends and family. For example, I will for desert, have only one piece of chocolate cake because any more will make me fat or give me an upset stomach, yet at the same time, the limiting to just one slice makes me appreciate and enjoy the cake more. Without price/consequence, we are not able to take stock of what we have in life and to enjoy it.

So remember the next time you are complaining about the price of something, everything, including price has its place in the sun and that without it, life will just not be the same nor as enjoyable. We need price more than we realize and appreciate. And of course, like it or not the price is here to stay and everything, whatever it is, has a price.

By Chase Blosser

I am a freelance writer, who loves the written word. I inspire to enlighten and inform as well as entertain. I want to also take what I do based, writing and reading/learning to help others. I plan to offer both freelance writing services, my thoughts about life and current events, and such.

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