This post is a response to the one word prompt “Leap” by The Daily Post.

So today is an added day for the year; in other words, we weren’t supposed to have it. It was a surprise. This brings to mind how we are most days in today’s (sorry for the pun) society leaping before we look to do most things in our busy schedules. we have so much to do each and every day that when something new or surprising comes along that is not on our list of things to do but that we will have to take care of at some point, so we a lot of times just add them, into our already bulging schedules without looking properly if we can handle the load.

This also goes to how we plan our days either the day before or the week or even the month before. By doing this, yes we stabilize our schedules and it allows us to know in advance what and when we are to do something not to mention where. At the same time though the longer in advance we plan for the day the more we are not looking at the day itself and absolutely everything we will be doing that day. It leaves us vulnerable to being overwhelmed, in all our activities of the day even if we are able to get everything done.

This is why one should really look at and actually examen what will be going on any given day before one adds to their schedule, whether it is in advance or on the fly during that day. We really do need to look before we leap; before we jump into something new. We need to look at how by doing this or that will really affect us and the rest of all scheduled events of a given day.

By Chase Blosser

I am a freelance writer, who loves the written word. I inspire to enlighten and inform as well as entertain. I want to also take what I do based, writing and reading/learning to help others. I plan to offer both freelance writing services, my thoughts about life and current events, and such.

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