News Links

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with news all around us and we have many, many different sources to get our news. Unfortunately, we really good just plain “good news” stories about good things happening. We just get the bad news. While a good source of “good news” stories is this site,

Another source of some good and interesting stories is

Buzzfeed is a pretty good source of news and current events. For the most part, they offer some pretty straightforward hard-news and although they also have some pretty “strange” articles and stuff too, that is all separate for the “hard news” section.

Like them or hate them Fox News is one of the biggest names in news and thus are going to have a lot of the news stories out their as well as their own take on said stories that you won’t get elseware. For that reason it is worth it to pay use them as one of your sources of news.

The counter part to Fox News, if you get news from fox, then you need to get news from CNN and vice versa.

The sister network of Fox News, Fox Business, I actually think, as source of news that is both good and reliable for what is going on in the world is much better then Fox and one of the best. This is probally due being network that covers business, yet they do it so very well and with a lot less “politicalness.”