This is a response to the one-word prompt “Angry” by “The Daily Post.”

Everyone gets angry at some points in life. Unfortunately, it is part of our human emotions that no matter how hard we try we can never completely get rid of it. Throughout one’s life  there seems to be an endless array of subjects that have and will get someone’s anger boiling. Each time somebody gets angry about something, he/she will do something about what upsets him/her, and predictably that anger would cause one to overreact and a lot of times making things worse instead of better.

No matter how many times we get angry at different things and how many times we learn from our experiences, we still can’t seem to completely do away with the emotion anger. Even when we take steps to always remain calm in all situations and even for some in extreme conditions take anger management courses, there will always be that one instance that gets us just so frustrated or angry that we will lose our cool or at least some semblance of it.

We can never seem to banish the feeling of anger for good, it will always come back and in true form with a “vengeance” at times. I think the lesson to this is that we need to realize that we cannot control any of our emotions let alone anger. The best we can do is “manage” them; for managing one’s anger there are three main ways to do so, hiding it, releasing, and getting rid of it. For me I go with the third option or try to, whenever I start to get angry and are reacting to that anger I move to remove the conditions that made me angry by cooling off and then returning to the situation or problem.

Regardless of how one chooses to “manage” their anger when it shows its ugly head, I do believe it is important that they realize the need to “manage” it and not solve it or kill it. When one does show, he/she will at once notice the effects of anger when experiencing it. This is defiantly the case for me, when I do experience it, because I have always resolved to just manage it, it is more quick to abide and is less effecting of me and my actions.

So the next time you find your self in a situration where your anger is getting the best of you, remember that anger like all emotions will always exist and is there for a reason and that a little anger can and often is healthy if used the right way. Don’t try to destroy anger, instead learn to live with it and it will be less impactful. We all have and experience anger at some point whether in small or large amounts. What matters is how we handle it not that we have it.


By Chase Blosser

I am a freelance writer, who loves the written word. I inspire to enlighten and inform as well as entertain. I want to also take what I do based, writing and reading/learning to help others. I plan to offer both freelance writing services, my thoughts about life and current events, and such.

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